So why do we do this BMS job?

The questions goes especially for us boring maintenance engineers who go back to the same site time and time again.

Well, I really enjoy maintenance. I like finding all those little problems which need a cure and have not been touched.
It can even be a recent upgrade, like these actuators I found.
A new panel was installed, and new pipework added only a couple of years ago, yet 3 of the actuators were spilling oil and one set of pipework went through so many 90° bends which caused the temperature to drop by 15°C by the time it even reached the actuator.
So, our plan is to improve and put in systems which will work well.

The very same site has a panel next to it dating back over 20 years.
Now, by this date you would expect some control, but the set of 4 boilers come on using the controller as a time clock. All on or nothing, and these boilers have been running 24/7 for the best part of 20 years! The only temperature control is the boiler stats.

But by doing our maintenance service I know that next time I go there, we will be able to repair the new-ish actuators and also add a far better control for the boilers.

This will save the site a good bit of energy and by doing so, this site in particular (NHS) save all of us a bit of money

Lastly, when I get home I know I will have a smile, knowing that I have done a good job.