We have all been there at the call out with no heating.

– Checked the gas valve… “Clunk” that works
– Checked the Fire Alarm… Yep that’s okay
– Checked the E/Stops.. They work too

Now let’s find the panel drawings… The panel drawings.. ahh this panel seems to have those missing!
It’s okay, the panel is only 30 years old.
Oh look, Relay 2 brings on everything, now link that out and check elsewhere.
Well half of the plant is working but the other half of the plant is still off. I find an old drawing! So the Fireman’s switch does relay 2.
Hurrah, and there it is behind the non-broken glass with a chrome arrow at Normal.

Let’s take a quick closer look just in case the switch is broken.

What do I find?

Obviously, the chrome is just stuck on over the real switch and it had been rotated early in the week apparently just before all the heating stopped.
Even better, the chrome bit just fell off in my hand as the sticky is no more. I find that the switch was in the OFF position.
Rotate to Normal and awesome, heating in the cold building.

Now what does this teach use for next time??

Trust nothing even the very obvious.