This plant room is in a new building, the ground floor of a large apartment complex.
The plant room contains gas fired boilers, bio fuel boilers and the large storage tank for the CHP.
Unfortunately, this means that a touch of heat escapes from the storage vessels. To the point where the main MCC panel can be seen at above 40°C in the trunking and it reached up to 50°C in areas which were squashed tight with wires.

The trunking is almost too hot to touch.
The pumps go wrong, the valves stick and the controls are at their maximum capacity.

Now the question is what do we do? The site does not want to install supply and extract fans to the plantroom as then there is a chance that this will change the eco rating of the building.
They do not want to install A/C as they believe this is a waste of energy.
The storage tank could have even more lagging on it but what about the pipework?

Is it time for a bit of lateral thinking?

Rather than insulate the tank more, maybe isolation in a room of its own is the answer. Then they could allow a small amount of forced ventilation to flow through, this area, as the trickle is maintained the temperature will not be excessive and the heat loss should not affect the buildings Eco drive.

But what do you think?

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