Simple installation they told them…

Just need to put up an outside space sensor and it will all be done…

But sometimes you just have that feeling that it should not be a last thought, but a proper thought.

The two photographs show a similar fault whereby the outside air temperature sensor gets direct sunshine. Increasing the temperature rather rapidly and upsetting the whole BMS. The surprising bit is that I am sure those who installed them thought they were doing it right.
It is only at the height of June these could be seen.

The top photograph is from the middle of London at 1pm, the metal work next to it is the feet for the main panel which faces West. It is on a square part of the building so within 1 metre is a North wall, or even putting it underneath the control panel.

The bottom photograph comes from Brighton. Again, it would have seemed to be the right place.

The plantroom is in a basement, the floor level can be seen above the sensor. And within 5 metres in front is a 2-storey building. Yet at 2pm the sunshine peeps over the top of the building and shines on this South facing wall. All for the lack of running a cable round to the other side of the stairwell and avoid this problem.

Now it is fine for me as it gives me something to find and something to make right, but all for the lack of a couple of metres and probably installing when it is not so sunny.