Queen Mary University has been a prestigious establishment for higher education in London for over 200 years, and dates back to the foundation of the London Hospital Medical College in 1785.  With over 20,000 students and 4,000 staff across the different campuses the operation of the facilities and HVAC systems is a crucial, never ending task.  Working for long term client, engie, Gemco delivered the new Trend BMS and environmental control systems for the brand new graduate centre which included a number of seminar rooms and lecture theatres.

The scope of the works provided for a new energy centre with CHP and boiler systems to replace all of the older plantrooms that were supplying the campus facilities previously.  The controls required for the graduate centre lecture theatres involved complex natural ventilation control algorithms to take advantage of the new automatic motorised window system thus providing free cooling and efficient control of CO2 levels within the space.

The utilisation of fresh air for cooling and CO2 management has been proven to have a significantly positive effect on student concentration levels and productivity, and can dramatically help to reduce wear and tear on mechanical based cooling and ventilation systems, therefore further increasing life-cycle value through reduced running costs, energy use and maintenance costs.

As the UK’s leading technology integrator of advanced building automation systems, Gemco were able to provide a seamless integrated solution that allows the client to monitor all of the systems through a single Trend 963 user interface.  Complete with bespoke graphics, alarm management facilities and flexible user login access rights meaning that only those with the required level of authorisation can make adjustments to system settings and clear alarms, the overall solution is not only operationally and energy efficient, it is also secure and allows the building managers to monitor any changes that might take place.