It was going to be one of those easy days.
“Investigate an AHU not switching OFF and carry out a service”. Well that did not quite happen.

I turned up to site for the engineer to show me that the AHU was still running. Let’s look at the head end, (obvious starting point), to find that the side of the PC is hanging loose and the unit is switched OFF! It’s not normally like that.
Oh well just switch it on…On…ON… the light comes up but I fear nobody is home.
Despite swapping over monitors and leads there is still no sign of life. Not a problem they can cope without this for a short time.
Pardon me? You say somebody on the 15th floor wants it a bit warmer and everyone on the 10th is too hot?

Okay…time to use my head and borrow the site engineer’s rather old lap top. Not even time to wipe it clean. Download the program from the disc. Which does not work as we need the administrator rights. Site engineer contacts their IT department.
I start to look at this hot 10th floor.

Hot on the 10th… what?…set points are all at 29°C… somebody must have changed them by accident, I will just put them back to 21°C, sorted!

Check on laptop, we have admin rights, disc takes 30 minutes to decide…no not today… try again..

10th floor check, hang on the set points are all back up to 30°C again now! WHAT? Let’s look at the program ??
Oh laptop is back, hurrah program is on, ahh except all that is in there is the folder, where are all the files? Try again.

Program for the 10th floor, right simples, but what’s this? They have totally changed since I was here last.

Laptop again, files have appeared, lets run it up…what does computer mean by critical error?? Try again.
This time it wants to repair, cool. But how long does “50 mins to download” really mean in Microsoft terms?

And we are back with the 10th floor… oh I can see the issue. The ICComms between the slave and master units are no longer there, simple, put those in.
What do you mean 29°C set point again?? Forgot to tick the ticking boxes. Ticked cool.

Right laptop has worked hurrah, and look it starts, I even have my backup graphics on me. Sorted.
Pardon? You say BMS engineers have been on site and changed the graphics for the 13th and we do not have copies? It would be the 13th!
No worries it’s a start. Now to plug it in to the network….maybe not it needs an adapter. Maplin anyone?

Quick check on the 10th , 30°C again! Then suddenly it becomes clear, there is an ICComms which should be disabled but isn’t.


Maplin here we come! £30 later and look it plugs in! And it works, and look the 10th is cool, they actually phone asking us to increase the temperature!

Right, now where’s that AHU not switching OFF??

So, as they say never give up, it may take time but you can do it! Head up!

At Gemco we get it done.