People often ask me, why do you enjoy maintenance?

I find it relatively simple to answer.

Nothing beats the pleasure in finding those little faults, which, with a little bit of care and attention bring the equipment back up to correct operation.
Even though I am a BeMS engineer I do feel that, as I may be the last person to look at a piece of equipment, sometimes we must step above the basic inputs and outputs.

Look at these two below. The first damaged belt was found on the supply AHU, so one checked the other main AHU and found the start of a fault.

Then there were the water tanks showing a high limit on the BeMS

Upon investigation, I found the stop cocks were letting water by although the tank was almost full.

The solution? Well, I got my hands dirty and assisted the site engineer to replace the belts.
As for the water tank, that will need a new valve, but with my report this has been brought forward and into this year’s budget.

Now it is 1 week before the Christmas break and who knows what may have happened if I had not looked a bit harder?!

Nobody likes a call out when with the family.

So remember, just because we are BeMS Engineers, it does not mean we only touch the electronics. (Not at Gemco anyway)

Have a great Christmas