59 – 61 Hamilton Terrace, London

This prestigious development comprised of a six story, five bedroom residential property and the construction of a new five bedroom residential property adjacent to the existing.
Bedrooms are located on the upper three levels with the living accommodation in the next two lower levels and swimming pool, gym, plant rooms and garage located in the basement level.

Both buildings complied with the “Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4” due to the technology installed for renewable and sustainable energy.

Entirely funded by a private investor, no expense was spared on the integration of state of the art technology including Trend, Heatmeiser and Crestron AV systems.

Both properties were completed to the highest standard and were each marketed for £23m per property.


As the UK’s leading technology integrator of advanced building automation systems, Gemco were able to provide a seamless integrated solution that allows the client to monitor all of the systems through a single Trend user interface.  Instead of complicated “engineering” displays, attention was focused on providing the user with the most simple and intuitive interface allowing them to feel more connected to their building.
When is comes to homes, they are usually our highest valued investments and yet we find we are most disconnected from them. Gemco have allowed the user to be intimately conncted to their home, their environment and thier world.