By appointment to long term client and partner, Cofely, Gemco have completed a full upgrade of the BMS controls at Deutsche Banks Channel Island premises based in Jersey.  Owing to the critical nature of the end clients business operations, all works to systems supplying the floors had to be carried out during unoccupied periods and overnight, which further increased the logistical challenges in getting the project delivered.  Additionally the offshore location, and incredibly tight 8 week program of works meant that Gemco’s project team had to rely on meticulous planning and ensure that interaction with the site and the team from Cofely was consistent and efficient.

The full scope of works was extensive and included a number of significant enhancements to the control strategies being employed to both optimise comfort levels and energy, and to simplify operation of the buildings environmental controls and alarm management processes.  The project scope included;

  • Upgrade of the FCU controls serving the floors with Trend IQEco controllers, with the works being carried out entirely doing unoccupied periods and overnight.
  • Installation of new BACnet MSTP networks for the IQEco floor controllers.
  • Implementation of a new Ethernet backbone BMS infrastructure to manage communications across the new Trend system.
  • Upgrade of the main boiler room control panel to a new Trend IQ3XCITE controller.
  • Optimisation control strategies developed and implemented for all of the plant controls, including the boilers, chillers and AHU plant to allow for demand based control from the floor FCU controls.
  • Incorporation of staff out-of-hours buttons on all floors to allow timed extensions to the operation of the environmental controls when required.
  • Installation of a Trend 963 front end supervisor package including custom site graphics.
  • Design and implementation of a new control application for the critical UPS and Comms room cooling systems.
  • Design and implementation of an intelligent alarm routing algorithm allowing the BMS system to automatically deliver system alarms to Deutsche Banks London HQ via secure network transmissions to comply with the clients security protocols.

“As a company with global activities, we take climate change very seriously. We adopted a comprehensive energy and climate strategy in 2007 with a commitment to effective environment action in all our activities.”

Deutsche Bank are committed to being known as a responsible organisation and have invested substantially in their building stock and facilities to create environments that serve the needs of their people, while at the same drastically reducing energy use and carbon emissions.  Through their years of experience in developing the most efficient control solutions, and with a proven track record for project management and delivery, Gemco were able to upgrade the site wide BMS system with the latest technology from leading manufacturer, Trend Controls Ltd, and deliver a highly efficient and optimised solution with no disruption to the clients business operations.

“We (Cofely) have worked with Gemco for many years on a number of different projects.  Due to it’s location this particular project brought a number of challenges in terms of logistics and project delivery, but we have enjoyed a successful partnership with Gemco and trusted in them to get the works completed on time.  No project ever goes perfectly, but even when a large shipment of product from their supplier didn’t arrive in time for the planned weekend works, Gemco were able to adapt and proactively complete other works in order to keep things on track.  8 weeks was an optimistic time frame but Gemco delivered yet again.”