Gemco AV

Creating spaces with technology that simply works in harmony with you, never against you.  At home or in the workplace, we make your day more intuitive, more productive, more enjoyable.

We simplify your world.

Gemco AV

Whether commercial or residential one thing is for sure, the way in which we use and interact with the built environment is changing more rapidly than ever before.  Coupled with the incredible pace and dynamic nature of modern business and home life, building technology and home automation providers face many new challenges as the demand for seamless connectivity, agile space utilisation and system integration increases significantly.

But that’s ok, we enjoy a challenge, and what’s more we’re confident we can provide solutions to satisfy the most demanding intelligent building requirements, either at home or in the workplace.  And let’s not forget Big Data or the Internet of Things!

Our professional solutions and services include

  • Full project design and delivery of audio & visual solutions for commercial and home automation
  • Lighting control and management, including integration with environmental and BEMS systems
  • Distribution and control of HD video, audio, and associated systems
  • Intelligent room and desk booking solutions and management
  • Meeting management solutions including content sharing, presentation, and video conferencing
  • Digital signage and advertising solutions
  • Full integration with associated building technology systems such as CCTV, Security, Telephony, Door Entry
  • Smart building access solutions


We optimise your world



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